Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone

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I hope you will enjoy my new pieces recently uploaded onto my site here thanks to the help of a special new person in my life and that of my families. My daughter Sara is engaged to a wonderful fellow “Aggie”, Karl, who also works wonders with anything technical or computer driven. I have to give him a big shout out for his assistance here, in addition to Michael at Starzen, who created this layout and beautiful format for my site. Thanks guys!

Creativity continues to be a balancing act in my life as, like so many of us, I am pulled in so many directions simultaneously. Life has been very busy with lots to celebrate–graduations of my daughter Sara and her man Karl from Texas A&M, graduations of friends and family; visits with loved ones, births, birthdays and prayers answered. It has been such a busy time, but a good one–other than the fact that there never seems to be enough hours in a given day to do all I want to do, but I am not complaining.

Those of you who know me know the sea and spending as much time in and around it as possible, and horses have always been a big part of who I am. I hope people are enjoying the ‘cowboy’ influences in my work these days. So far the feedback has been good. In spending time with some very generous and patient cattlemen in Florida, I have learned so much about an industry that I, like so many consumers, had sadly been pretty ignorant of. These folks, sometimes generations of a family working side by side, do so very much to preserve and protect our natural environment, all the while showing such compassion and care for the animals they are raising, that I truly think they are the unsung heros of our time. Time spent in their company is a true priviledge, and like time in the sea, it always makes me want to pick up a paintbrush and just make the images I see into something I can share with everyone else…

I hope you’ll also take a moment to peek into the galleries to see some new pieces and enjoy some “old friends”. Please come back when you can and thanks so very much for having a look! All the very best to you and yours,