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Conch Facts—The Sad Story Of The Disappearing Conch
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Anyone travelling too the Caribbean and Central Americas, as well as the Bahamas and South Florida have encountered conch. Whether it be in the water or just on a menu, it is sure to cross your path in some form. … Read More

To “Studio” or not to “Studio”-Where do YOU paint?
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  To “Studio” or not to “Studio”–Most artists I know get asked “where do you paint? When are you the most creative? Do you have a studio? Do you paint from photos, life or both?” For me, the answers to … Read More

Travelling and the Creative Process
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Travelling and the Creative Process Travelling and the creative process can be both a blessing and a curse. As an artist who has been travelling as much as she can, I have often been asked how it affects the creative … Read More