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Conch–Wonderful, Delicious Conch
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  Conch— wonderful, delicious conch is a mollusk that is a staple in the Bahamas and Caribbean and a delicacy elsewhere in the world.   One thing I love about living in the islands is that your meals are about as … Read More

Talking Trash-A Problem We All Need To Deal With
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Talking trash-A problem we all need to deal with and be talking about. I cannot stress enough the importance of cleaning up our trash. In my younger days, the message wasn’t as strong as it is now. Maybe that’s because … Read More

How To Keep The Holiday Spirit
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The question of how to keep the holiday spirit, especially while working in retail, has been a subject around my dinner table frequently the last few weeks.  Operating a strictly online business sort of insulates you from the brunt of … Read More

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