Are You A Teacher Or A Student?

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Are you a teacher or a student? i don’t know about you, but over the years I have been asked this question a multitude of times. Seems like a straightforward question. Which are you? Perhaps if you have a teaching degree or are currently enrolled in classes the answer is obvious. However, my favourite answer, the one that best describes me, is always a resounding BOTH!


In art, as in life, there is always another lesson to learn; Another way to do something. Another technique, product, shortcut, etc. It might not work for you, but then, you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t know that. Do you know what I mean? Lol. There is always the basics that you hopefully start with and then you grow from there…both in knowledge and in experience.

You are the student.

I’ve written recently on this format several times already about inspiration. Finding it. Feeding it. Using it. But that inspiration and passion for something is only going to get you so far. It is communicating that effectively so others may see it, feel it and maybe get inspired too. Inspired to create as well; or to share it; or to give in some way to a cause it relates to.

As an artist, your work is your way of delivering that message of inspiration and passion to others. It is important to do this effectively, and to do so you continually have to be a student of the arts; continually refine your craft or try others. Learn what is the best way to get your ‘message’ out to others and make the best connection.


But the flipside of this is that in doing so, through your creations, you are teaching. You are teaching not just yourself new things but also teaching others about why you do what you do; how it makes a difference; and if they are interested, how you technically create your images and finished pieces. They learn from you.

You become the teacher.

Which brings me back to my favourite answer to the initial question. I hope BOTH is now your answer too!

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