New Website-Finally

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Hi there! To any of you that don’t know me well, I struggle to learn new technology. Give me a paintbrush any day! But with the encouragement and combined efforts of my family and friends, I am very proud to be sharing my new website with the world. What you are looking at has taken us many weeks of hard work and tried our patience, but I know it’s been worth it.

 New website-New Partner

To those who have asked, yes, I’ve continued to paint and work on some new pieces while also working on this. I will be sharing those on here soon. But if you are here, and reading this, please take a few moments and look around this site. I am especially proud to be partnering at this time with the STC (Sea Turtle Conservancy) and helping, via sales, with their mission and work.

Many times I think little things don’t make a difference in the big scheme of things–but recent changes in the laws regarding turtles in the Bahamas have made a difference in going from seeing an occasional turtle every once in a while to now seeing them every day!

It is the ultimate gift to ourselves and to future generations–and of course, to the sea turtles themselves!

Give the gift that gives back!

If you are looking for a gift to give that can be wrapped, lol, consider purchasing from my site, being sure to enter the code STC2015 and I will give 10% back to them from your entire purchase or make a direct donation to them. Either way, it helps the turtles, which as I said earlier, is a gift to us all.