Different kind of fishing-Unusual Catch

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Many dad’s dream of fishing on Father’s Day; my┬áhusband is no different. However, when the fish aren’t biting, he is still determined to not come home empty handed.

Buoys make for a fun salt water filled day

So when the fish weren’t biting, my husband and son (whom I loving dub buoy ‘hunters’-lol) headed to the beach and there they hit the proverbial buoy collectors jackpot. What you see on the wall are their finds added to some previous finds. I think the wall is looking pretty photogenic at this point. It was a fun and memorable Fathers Day for them both. (And for the record, they did catch some fish a little later…from the dock with some hand lines. lol)Bouy wall in Hope Town, Bahamas

So when in Hope Town…

So the next time you are cruising into this area of the Bahamas, dodging the sea turtles, dolphins and sharks on your way, you will most likely encounter our wall. Not quite the usual trophys most folks mount on their walls, but in my house, and my life, not much is usual–and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Lol.